How it works

USAF LivingFit is your personalized "get healthier" program 

It was designed with you in mind.  As military personnel we know that you have a lot going on in your life.  This program was designed to help you become healthier even with your busy lifestyle.  This simple, easy-to-use program will help you manage your nutrition and exercise to achieve the goal weight and fitness level you want.

USAF LivingFit will create a program specific for YOU.

First we will need the following information:

•    Your current weight
•    Your goal weight
•    The date you would like to achieve your weight loss
•    Your activity level

Keep in mind that to make this program most effective for you, all you have to do is enter your current weight once a week.

Getting started is simple!

Step 1

Register and complete the USAF LivingFit Questionnaire.

Step 2

Design your own meal plan. You will be given the option to create a meal plan with the foods you like based on the calorie level determined to get you to your goal. 

Step 3

Enter your activities. This will create a weekly exercise plan for you based on your current activity level AND the activities that you most like to do.    

Step 4

Enter your weight each week. Seeing progress keeps you motivated so be sure to log-in the same day each week to see the pounds melt away.

Bonus features in the USAF LivingFit program include:


An activity log so you can keep track of the exercises you do each day that help you reach your weight loss goal.


Your own personal meal plan complete with recipes, that can be changed depending on your schedule, with your daily calorie intake already figured in!


A weekly email reminder to sign in and enter your current weight.


Tips and tricks to help with your weight loss journey (ie: what to choose when eating out, help with portion sizes, sample meals and much more)


Your own special Progress to Your Goal Report page.  Tracking your progress has never been so clear and simple! 

Lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes

Sign up today to start reaching your goals

USAF Living Fit

LivingFit guidelines are designed to promote
a healthier lifestyle for adults 18 and older. 

                              For personalized
                              assistance including:
                              •  Sample meal plans
                              •  Goal activities specific for you
                              •  Healthy eating tips

USAF Living Fit Log in

Log in every week to
record your progress!

LivingFit is a USAF FitFamily Program.  To learn more about FitFamily, click on the button below:

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